Be Cool To The Pizza Dude Essay

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I believe in curiosity because it instills humility.

It allows me to become small, to become a child again, and look, in childlike wonder, at life as an amazing caleidoscope of riddles, tales, mysteries and secrets that wait to be told and unlocked.

The author reminisces with her memory of such ‘bottom of the barrel’ jobs, and explains the importance of empathizing with the pizza dude, because he is only trying to earn a paycheck.

The author includes the metaphor “In the big pizza wheel of life, sometimes you’re the hot bubbly cheese and sometimes you’re the burnt crust,” to remind the reader of when they were the burnt crust (Adams 1).

I believe in curiosity, because with my eyes wide open, I can’t help to take a close look at myself, too, and examine where I stand in relation to the world around me, and how I got there.

I believe in curiosity, for many much more practical reasons.

Reading these essays inspired me to write an essay on one of my own philosophies.

of whatever crosses my path, or my mind, whatever strikes me as odd, whatever raises my eyebrows, and then setting out to find the answers, in conversation and research, as if they were pieces to a puzzle, a puzzle that I can never put together in its entirety because, like a fractal, it expands and changes its shapes and patterns as I progress, but that, with a few pieces loosely in place, allows for clearer images to emerge, and that maps out pathways to its own fringes for and at which I hadn’t known questions and pieces existed. I believe in asking with whoever, or whatever, is there to share, and express, and tell, and confide, and teach me; and in listening not only with my ears, but with my heart and my mind.

Because I love the earthly scent of books, and libraries, and curiosity is what led me there. A wiser life, a kinder life, a more love-filled life.

Because I love the spiciness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and sweetness that I discover in foreign foods, and the meanings that my own language knows no words for, and the unknown shapes, patterns and landscapes that fly by the window of my train as I write these words. I believe in curiosity because curiosity inquires, questions, reimagines, sympathizes, empathizes, disarms, reaches out, remains patient, gives the benefit of the doubt, extends compassion, dignifies.


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