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When a parent or caregiver is abusive physically, mentally, or emotionally, a child may experience this abuse as being frightening or even life-threatening....[tags: Attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby] - Attachment theory is the idea that a child needs to form a close relationship with at least one primary caregiver.[tags: attachment theory, secure attachment] - Flourishing relationships are characterized by the strength of the attachment, as well as by how each party adjusts to change.

In recent years the idea of ‘attachment’ has become and increasingly popular debate within developmental psychology (Bretherton, 1992).

Attachment theory provides an explanation on how parent and child relationships are formed and the important role they play in child development....

- Attachment theory and the role that attachment plays in healthy psychological development has long interested me.

Research has shown that secure attachment produces positive long-term development (Bosmans & Kerns, 2015).

When considering alternative studies focused on the influence of childhood experiences on functioning later in life, the AAI demonstrates faithfulness to be out of the ordinary but also reliable....

[tags: Attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth] - Child attachment patterns Attachment patterns of a child are developed by the use of strange situation protocol where the attachment of a child is assessed between 12 months and 20 months of the child development.

[tags: Attachment theory, Attachment in adults, Infant] - The Adult Attachment Interview is Valid In this article, IJzendoorn discusses the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI; George, Kaplan, & Main, 1985) and how it is related to it and the Strange Situation procedure (Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters, & Wall 1978).

IJzendoorn states that the AAI is constant, without bias, and unrelated to IQ with good psychometric aspects.

Each of these attachment styles has its own effect on a child’s relationship.

Secure attachment is when a child is confident enough to play in an unfamiliar environment as long as the child’s caregiver is present.


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