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In fact, most of the most quoted lines of books are the first or the last.

They’re important, because they tell us what’s important. They guide us in the direction the author wants to lead us.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of information below.

Most is just giving terms to structures you are already very familiar with as a student of literature. While it may seem like a rather insignificant characteristic, the length of a sentence and how it’s paired with sentences of different or similar lengths can make a large impact on the meaning, emotion, or emphasis of a passage.

Repetition of a certain word or phrase is meant to draw your attention.

Look especially for groups of three in either the first or last words of a sentence.Noting what the author is emphasizing through his or her syntax can help us access the point the author is trying to make.We can start to ask questions like why is this emphasized over that? Is the author hiding something deeper under the emphasis of something else?Studying the emotions authors generate from syntax can help us add to our arguments about tone in particular.Syntax also allows the author to manipulate what the reader pays attention to in a particular passage of literature.Why after a paragraph of long, detailed sentences, did the author conclude with a short, choppy one?Diving into these questions about something as simple as sentence length can give great evidence for your argument in your essay.Just like with any other literary element, syntax can be employed to analyze whatever passage you are given on the AP English Literature exam, whether prose or poetry.In this next section we will be discussing the different types of syntax and how you can use them to strengthen your arguments, which will result in a higher score on the FRQ portion.However, many test takers leave at home one of the most important, useful, and point scoring tool: analyzing syntax. Do you make the sentence long with many dependent clauses? The combination of all these different options for syntax help the author convey different meanings, different emotions, and different emphasis.Syntax is a great starting point to dive into the emotions an author is trying to convey, the points the author is attempting to highlight, and the complexity lurking just under the surface of a passage. Imagine that you are sitting down at a table to write your grand masterpiece. Do you make your sentences short, choppy, rhythmic? It is your job to understand what the author is doing and, more importantly, why.


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