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Most kids growing up in the French school system will remain nostalgic of their carefree "grande vacances" all their lives, which is why the idea of long holidays is solidely anchored in the mentality of French grown-ups as well. back to school after holidays, is a very important concept for everyone : students, teachers, professionals, politicians, government and private sector employees, job seekers etc. Another, more slangy word is "taf" : We won't hear Claire's final opinion about her vacation and about her going back to work, but judging from her holiday story, office life also has its positive side ! That's because no-one generally expects anyone to do any real work, if any at all, during the summer vacation months, especially July and August, and in many cases late June and early September as well.

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bouffer is a slang word meaning "to eat", but it's quite common. The word piquer with this meaning is informal, but again quite common.

) Again, "at least" expresses a mitigating fact that partly makes up for a negative outcome.

"Il fait weather condition" is a very common way to talk about weather in spoken French : In a different context, this question might be asked right after a meal, e.g. " (have you made some interesting contacts at least ?

" Talking about why she didn't hit the beach every day, she also says : "Il faisait trop chaud" (the weather was too hot). Your boss asks you : "Tu as eu des contacts intéressants au moins ?

Note the construct "aller verb" which translates to "to go verb" : Claire replies : "Non, la plage était bourrée" (no, the beach was packed) "Bourré(e)" is a colloquial expression that means very crowded - you can optionally add "de monde" or "de gens" : "Le cinéma était bourré ! For example, you just finished a phone marketing campaign but didn't make any sale.


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