Ambition In Life Essay

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Frank’s case was beyond saving, however there are many cases of people dying from manageable diseases, due to neglect and incompetence on the part of both the governments and hospital staff.

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I am a person who favors change, especially in the medical sector and instead of doing nothing, I made a commitment to myself to be the best doctor I can ever be.

Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t have put it better when he said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Therefore, I look forward to offering medical services to the best of my knowledge and abilities without favor or prejudice to all of mankind.

Furthermore, the ratio of medical practitioners to patients is really bad, which only aggravates the situation.

As the world population grows larger and larger each day, the state of health grows worse and worse.

The powers that be set aside less funds in healthcare each year, as compared to military expenditure, which explains why there are few good public health facilities.

Most of the good ones are actually private owned and very expensive for the common man.

He was however naturally weak, something that he was not comfortable disclosing even to me- his only friend. For a very longtime, I felt guilty because I could not save him.

It was in the eighth grade when I came face to face with reality. I felt that maybe if he had stayed with us and received proper medical care, maybe he would still be alive.

People love material possessions more than they love their fellow humans.

It is due to this disregard that medical care all over the world is in a despicable state.


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