A2 Applied Business Coursework

A2 Applied Business Coursework-83
AS levels can stand as a qualification on their own or can be carried on to A2 the next year to complete the full A level qualification.In 2015 the government revealed that changes would be made to how AS and A levels are graded.The three units include two compulsory units on Business Purposes and Business Organisations and one further optional choice.

The Business Studies Department has also assisted in the delivery of Information and Communication Technology and Employability to our Year 8, 9 and 10 students.

At Key Stage 3, the Business Studies Department offers Year 10 students the opportunity to study Enterprise.

Students enjoy the modular approach to this course and they also get involved in a business project, which is related to real business decision-making.

Topics covered at A Level are an extension of those introduced at GCSE level.

A levels were changed in 2000 to be GCE A levels, splitting into two units that introduced a separate AS and A2 level.

Spread out over two years, the changes were made so students could broaden their knowledge of their subjects.A levels can either be studied at secondary school within Sixth Form or at college if they choose to leave school.Lots of students choose to pick four AS levels to study during the first year, then drop one of the subjects in year two when they complete their A levels.The Department has built strong links with companies such as Ikea, Sam Mouldings, Fujitsu, Asidua and B&Q.As both our A Level courses are related to the world of work covering topical current affairs issues, students find these courses enjoyable and very relevant to employment opportunities; our academic results reflect this strong interest.Students complete three major project units over the two years of Key Stage 4 and are awarded pass, merit or distinction.These are equivalent to a C, B or A at GCSE respectively.The vocational style of learning relies more heavily on an assignment led approach and less emphasis is placed on external testing.Due to the strong practical focus, this course provides a range of opportunities for industry links through organised visits and visiting speakers.The Business Studies Department attains consistently high academic results across all levels of study.For the past 4 years the Department have had the overall 2nd placed student in CCEA Applied A Level Double Award Business.


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