A Level Art & Design Coursework

A Level Art & Design Coursework-58
These two parts count for 60% of the total A Level mark.The remaining 40% of the marks are from the Externally Set Task (examination).

Studying the course leads to a final assessment with components which include graded coursework and external Cambridge assessments.

Studying Art at A Level is an ideal prerequisite to pursue undergraduate degrees or courses in Fine Art, Architecture, Fashion Design, Communication Design, Textile Design, Photography, Advertising and Product Design (a sub-field of Marketing).

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You will have four lessons each week and, in addition, you are required to do a further three hours homework or independent study.

During the first year the emphasis is upon developing practical skills through a tutor led series of projects.Most foundational courses may be taken as part of a full certificate or degree program.Foundational animation and design courses are often available through certificate or associate's degree programs.The roots of A Level Art and Design, a contemporary subject, can be traced back to the times of early man who communicated through parietal art (cave paintings).Studying A Level Art and Design allows students to appreciate artistic language, various art forms and mediums, and communicate ideas through creative expression.Some programs including animation art and design courses include those in visual art and design, digital media, motion graphics, web design and animation.Such programs typically incorporate studio work into the classes, so that students learn to use professional software for making animations and digital art.Core elements important in 2-D art are presented, such as color, form, line, shape, space and texture.Factors that influence current design work, including cultural, technological and historical influences, are evaluated.Our specification comprises only one component at AS and two at A Level; and the A Level Externally Set Assignment paper offers an open choice of appealing visual assignments or written briefs which are suitable for any art, craft or design discipline.Access Lightbox: an online supportive tool and a comprehensive Guidance for Teaching resource, with helpful advice on teaching approaches, assessment administration, advocacy materials and FAQs.


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